Competitions and PhD Contracts


The research allowance is one of the many possible ways to finance a thesis. Called the doctoral contract since 2009, it is a salary paid by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research via the university. The contractual doctoral student signs a three-year doctoral contract with the University of Grenoble Alpes, which allows them to devote full time to preparing the thesis.
The activities entrusted to the contractual doctoral student may be exclusively devoted to research but may also include other tasks: teaching, scientific and technical information, research promotion, consulting or expertise missions for companies or public authorities.
The doctoral contract sets a minimum remuneration, indexed to the evolution of civil service remuneration (see the decree of August 29, 2016 setting the remuneration of contractual doctoral students).
From a legal point of view, please refer to the decree n°2009-464 of April 23, 2009 concerning contractual doctoral students in public higher education or research establishments.
As a public law contract, the doctoral contract is subject to the same principles as all public service contracts, notably the possibility of a trial period. In the case of the doctoral contract, it has been set, following discussions, at two months: it is not renewable.
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Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated on March 14, 2023