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Supervisors HDR
Each doctoral student has a thesis supervisor and possibly a co-supervisor. It is recommended that a thesis direction team does not exceed 2 people.
A thesis supervisor may not exceed a supervisory load of 300% (i.e. 3 PhD students supervised at 100% or 6 PhD students supervised at 50%).

To be a thesis supervisor, you must:

  • Be a holder of the Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) qualification or obtain a specific agreement for a particular thesis.
  • Be attached to the doctoral school.

Request for attachment to the ED

Once you have obtained your HDR, you must apply to be attached to the doctoral school of your choice. ATTENTION ! You can only be attached to one doctoral school.
The attachment to the ED ISCE is not automatic, you must make the request to the ED by sending an email to with:
  • a CV,
  • a letter of motivation,
  • the approval of your team leader or laboratory director,
  • a copy of your HDR diploma.
If you went through the EDISCE HDR committee to obtain your HDR, you only need to provide a copy of the HDR success certificate.

Request for a one-time HDR approval

The University of Grenoble Alpes has set up, for exceptional and justified cases, an exemption procedure "agrément ponctuel", which gives the possibility to a person who has not been awarded the HDR and who has already co-supervised a defended thesis, to direct a thesis.
This person must also undertake to defend their HDR before the end of the thesis being directed. This exemption can only be given once and for one thesis at a time.
To do so, it is necessary to make a request to the ED by sending by email ( the form to request an agrément ponctuel for one-time HDR approval

Thesis follow-up and defense

In addition to the usual supervision tasks concerning the "research" part of the doctoral student, the thesis supervisors must :
  • ensure the implementation of the Thesis Follow-up Committees (CSI, see tab in the Thesis section) and submit the report to the Doctoral School before October 31st of each year (mandatory for each re-registration)
  • ensure that the thesis follow-up report (RST, available on the ADUM website of the doctoral student) is completed and sent to the Doctoral School before November 15 of each year (mandatory for each re-enrolment).
  • ensure that the information sent to the Doctoral School concerning the thesis defense committee ("jury") and the professional status of the jury members (employer, HDR or not HDR, grade) is correct.
Any non-compliant jury may invalidate the doctorate diploma.
Published on  January 4, 2021
Updated on February 15, 2024