Supervision rate

Thesis supervision

A thesis director may not supervise more than 300% of a thesis, i.e. 3 doctoral students supervised at 100% or 6 doctoral students supervised at 50%.


In accordance with the regulations, two thesis directors may jointly supervise the thesis. For the ISCE ED, the co-direction rate is set at 50%.
A management team (director, co-director, co-supervisor) may not be made up of more than two people (with the exception of doctorates carried out under a CIFRE agreement, where a co-director may be appointed within the company funding the doctorate).


To enable the youngest non-HDR researchers to obtain recognition for their participation in the supervision of doctoral students, and to help them prepare for their HDR, they can officially appear as part of the management team in the doctoral students' registration file. This person who is not an HDR supervisor is then referred to as a co-supervisor.
A non-HDR co-supervisor may not co-supervise more than 3 doctoral students. The aim of this measure is to encourage supervisors to obtain their HDR.

We would also remind you that any degree that is not acquired in accordance with the law is, by its very nature, legally enforceable. It is therefore of the utmost importance for a supervisor - in relation to his or her doctoral student - to ensure that the law is respected at all times and, of course, during the defence.
Published on  November 26, 2021
Updated on February 15, 2024