PhD Student and international ED

Resolutely international with 47% of its PhD students being foreigners, the Université Grenoble Alpes Doctoral College attaches particular importance to welcoming and supporting PhD students at all stages of the process. Moreover, as a world-class university, the UGA develops research in cooperation with the whole world and intends to enable all its PhD students to develop their collaborations.

International Partnerships

Partenariats stratégiques - vignette
The Doctoral College is developing its partnerships mainly in line with the dynamics initiated by the Université Grenoble Alpes. It is implementing its strategy of structuring cotutelle collaborations in connection with the site's strategic partnerships at the European level, as well as in target or privileged areas in North America, Asia, South America or the French-speaking world.

Welcoming International PhD Students

ISSO - Accueil doctorants internationaux - vignette
Welcoming international PhD students, who represent 47% of the doctoral population, is a priority.
While the vast majority of communications are bilingual, the UGA has set up a high quality ISSO reception service.

Thèse en cotutelle

Partenariats internationaux : thèses en cotutelles
The co-supervision (cotutelle) of a thesis is a device that promotes the mobility of PhD students by developing scientific cooperation between French and foreign research teams. The cotutelle PhD student carries out his or her work under the supervision of a thesis director in each of the two countries concerned. 

International Mobility

Mobilité internationale - vignette
You wish to have an international experience or simply to spend a few months in an institution abroad as part of a partnership.
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Published on  January 4, 2021
Updated on January 4, 2021