Application and registration in 1st year

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There are 3 steps to be respected before being registered in a thesis.


You wish to prepare a thesis within the ED ISCE

To register for a PhD, you must :
  • first of all know what you are committing to: read the PhD students' charter,
  • a host laboratory (If necessary, contact directly the team working in the field that interests you),
  • a thesis director who is entitled to supervise research (HDR) and is attached to EDISCE,
  • a thesis subject (see some subjects proposed by EDISCE thesis directors),
  • a funding,
  • hold a French diploma conferring the grade of master at the end of a training course establishing the aptitude for research or have obtained an equivalence from the ED.

How to apply

1 - Apply online via the ADUM platform (spontaneous application) and finalize the procedure.
2 - Send the complete file to the ED ISCE by email for evaluation at:

Special cases:
> If you have obtained a master's degree or an engineering degree with a pass mark (<12) or a foreign degree, you must send the ED a request for equivalence in addition.
> If you have a cotutelle project with a foreign higher education institution, send an email to the following address :

3 - Upon receipt of the complete file, the future doctoral student receives an acceptance or refusal e-mail when his/her application has been studied by the ED and by the validation commission for the degrees that require it.


Your thesis application has been accepted: you can proceed to the pedagogical registration stage = at the ED ISCE.
The Doctoral School is in charge of monitoring the progress of the thesis (scientific context).

4 - Proceed to the registration for the first year of the thesis on your personal space ADUM (select "espace doctorant.e"). It is essential to fill in each section accurately and to update each change of situation or e-mail address.
5 - At the end of the process, print the following documents: training agreement and doctoral charter (to be signed by the direction of the thesis and the laboratory).
Be careful! Obtaining signatures could take several weeks. Please respect registration deadlines.
6 - Send these documents to the doctoral school and a copy of the proof of financing (except if you have had a doctoral contract via the ED ISCE competition) for final validation by the ED management.
Once your registration file has been signed by the ED management, the ED ISCE will send your registration authorization to the Doctoral College's schooling service which will contact you by e-mail for the rest of the procedure.


Registration at the UGA via the Doctoral College
The University collects the registration fees and issues the student card each year.

The above step must be finalized to complete your administrative registration.
Follow the instructions that were sent to you by email.
Reminder : administrative registration from July 5th to December 10th
Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated on June 27, 2024