Validation of modules and equivalences

As an indication, you can consult the table summarizing the number of hours generally granted. This table should give you an idea of how the hours are allocated, it is not exhaustive and can be adapted to each situation.
The validation of training is done directly on your ADUM account.
There are two cases:
1 - your training is part of the ADUM catalog = the person in charge of the training manages the validation (remember to answer the satisfaction questionnaire)
2 - your training is not part of the ADUM catalog, you just have to connect to your ADUM account and go to your personal space under the heading "non catalog training". You must :
  • fill in the title of the module,
  • fill in the hourly volume,
  • download the certificate of attendance in PDF format only.
This system will allow you to follow your course as closely as possible, directly in your ADUM profile, i.e. the types of training you have taken and the number of hours allocated.
Please note that no hours can be validated without a certificate.
To be valid, a certificate must mention :
  • your first and last name,
  • the title of the training,
  • the dates and the number of hours of training.
If no certificate is provided to you at the end of the training, you must fill in and have the training manager sign a course attendance form.

NB : The ED ISCE organizes and takes into account scientific and non-scientific training courses at the M1R level and above. These trainings can include specialized schools or modules chosen among the teachings of another Doctoral School, another university, a company (for employees), in France and abroad.
Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated on December 17, 2021