Break during the thesis

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The gap year: a break during the doctorate

The break is part of a project that is incompatible with the normal pursuit of doctoral training for a maximum of one year and can take one of the following forms
- Training in a field other than the one in which the student is enrolled
- An experience in a professional environment in France or abroad
- A civic service commitment in France or abroad, which can take the form of an international solidarity volunteer service, an international volunteer service in an administration or company, or a European volunteer service
- A project to create a business as a student-entrepreneur.
A CSI must be organized before the gap year.
If you wish to benefit from a gap year, you must make your request before June 15 for a gap year beginning on September 1, and before October 15 for all other requests.
During a gap year, the doctoral student remains registered and must pay the reduced registration fees (for information: 252 € in 2020/2021)
Students on a gap year enrolled in initial training in a higher education institution are subject to payment of the CVEC (see circular n°2019-030 of April 10, 2019).
Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated on July 2, 2024