Courses at the Doctoral School

Formation en doctorat
The aim of the training courses is to prepare future PhDs for jobs as researchers in the public and private sectors and in the services sector. The training of PhD students is a complementary training to the research work.
It is strongly recommended that PhD students follow the training modules during the first year of their thesis.
Generally speaking, it is desirable to have the modules validated at the end of the second year in order to be able to devote oneself fully to writing the thesis during the third year.
Training for PhD students is mandatory
Like all PhD students, the PhD students of the ED ISCE must follow training hours during the three years of their doctorate to be allowed to defend their thesis.
This training must be part of a global reflection throughout the thesis, according to the needs of each student and must be articulated around a professional project.
At the end of your thesis, you must be able to justify 120 hours of training (mandatory to defend) of 3 types:
  • one part must be useful to the research project: this is the disciplinary training
  • one part must be useful for the professional project: the training for career development
  • the last part is used to acquire a broader culture: this is the transversal training
It is also imperative to undergo training on research ethics and scientific integrity.

To have your hours validated by the Doctoral School, you must use your ADUM account. (See procedure in the section "validation of modules and equivalences")
The ED ISCE organizes and takes into account scientific or non-scientific training courses at the M1R level and above. These trainings can include specialized schools or modules chosen among the teachings of another Doctoral School, another university, a company (for employees), in France and abroad.
The doctoral student selects their modules according to their needs during the thesis and in agreement with their thesis director.
Some training courses are available online on the website, under the headings training modules and registering for training courses.
Be carefull : Participation (presence, oral communication, poster) in Congresses, Colloquia, Workshops and Conferences cannot be valued in the training hours because it is an integral part of the researcher's work.
Published on  January 4, 2021
Updated on February 16, 2023